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We’ve started our first MUV (Multi-User Environment) class today. We were introduced to a virtual world called “Second Life” and had to make an account to play this platform. I haven’t gotten into it yet, but we will on Wednesday and see what this platform entails.


I played Second Life for the first time with my classmates and it was a bit strange if I do say so myself. To be fair, this was my first time playing and I didn’t really know the controls that well. We were on an island that my school had made in Second Life and it was cool to see all the things you could create if you were really invested in it. I hope I can get into this platform more if I have the time.


In class, we had to look up famous people who are associated with MUV games such as the creator of Second Life and Minecraft. We were then given our first assignment for the course and we’ve been given the task to look at another MUV other than Second Life. I’ve chosen to go with Minecraft since I have a little experience with that game/platform. We now have to make 6 blogs about 2 MUV platforms, 2 MUV viewers, and 2 MUV locations. I will probably not use this blog anymore as I will focus on the other 6.


(I know I said I might not use this blog anymore, but I need to be up to date with what we do in class, so this is the class blog whereas the other blogs will be based on Second Life and Minecraft outside of class)

Today in class, we were introduced to our Second Life teacher who is associated with our school. Since we were still in class, even though we were online, we had to treat it as on and couldn’t muck around.

Sencond Life Picture 1.PNG

He showed us some basic controls around the island and even told us to go to other places in Second Life but only for a short while.

Sencond Life Picture 2.PNG

I teleported to an island called Moonberry and it was really cool to see the architecture that people made in the game.

I want to explore more in my own time, but the only time I can do that is

  1. I’m at my parent’s house
  2. I’m able to access the school’s computers

because I can’t seem to play this platform through my laptop. I’ll be going back to my parent’s soon so the other blogs should be up soon.


Today we went into Second Life to explore some more locations and even went to a fireworks show.Second Life Picture 1 - Copy.PNG

We also had to make accounts for the platforms OpenSim and Kitely in order to explore more platforms. Weirdly enough, they pretty much look and work the same as Second Life. I wonder what our next class will be like with these new accounts we’ve just made.


Today we had a lesson with our other teacher via Second Life and today he taught us how to build things in the platform.

Second Life Picture 2.PNGSecond Life Picture 1

He taught us all about sizing, rotating, and positioning of the objects made in this game. It really goes to show how much time and effort people have put into the buildings and structures people have made in Second Life. I’m sure the next lesson we have with our other teacher will be a fun one.


Today we had a look at the different types of viewers for us to look at to give ourselves a better idea as to what we need to write about them. I’ll be sure to get the viewers done by the end of the month because those are the only blogs left I have to do.

We also had a little detour around Koru again and saw the different functions that went into the dome that they built; every time our teacher pressed a button, the objects inside the building would disappear and be replaced by different objects. It’s really fascinating to see the different ways people can create things in Second Life.

Tomorrow we have our lesson with our other teacher and maybe we’ll get to work on our own spaces that he has made for us.


Today we had our class with our other teacher and he showed us more about building objects in Second Life. He taught us all about making objects bigger, making them hollow, and how to make them glow. I’m learning something new every week when I have this other teacher and can see why he loves Second Life so much.


Today we talked about the 2nd assignment and that we need to join a community within Second Life or another platform/game. It will be hard for me to find a community on Second Life, so if I can’t find a community in Second Life, I’ll look somewhere else.


Today we were asked to do these activities and write about each question.

Activity 1

  1. Each of you rez a prim (and give it a useful name!).
  2. Texture your partners prim
  3. Take your own prim into inventory
  4. Rez your prim and check the permissions
  5. Take a copy of your partners rezzed prim
  6. Rez the copy of your partners prim and check permissions

As you do this answer these questions as a blog post:

  1. What problems are you finding? – None, my partner gave me a copy of his prim and I could do whatever I wanted with it, except Transfer it.
  2. How do you overcome them? – If I wanted to Transfer it, I would need his permission to do so; he would need to trust me completely in order to do that.
  3. What permissions do you need to use? – My partner would need to give me Transferring permissions
  4. Who owns the final object? – My partner, but if he were to give me Modifying or Transferring permissions, then the object would be mine to do as I please and I could even sell it to another person for $L (That’s the currency in Second Life)
  5. Who shows as the creator of the final object? – It depends on what permissions you give a person, but in my case, my partner got the object off of someone else then gave it to me.
  6. What permissions does the next owner of the object have? – I’ll make the object have copy permissions, but I won’t add Transferring permissions.

Activity 2.  In groups of 4  

  1. First person – build something very simple and untextured with 2 linked prims
  2. Second person  – texture one of the prims
  3. Third person – texture the other prim
  4. Fourth person – put a script in one prim (just the basic one will do)
  5. Each person  – take a copy of the linked object into their own inventory.
  6. Each person – rez their copy of the object and change one texture and add a comment to the script. Take the object back into your inventory

As you do this answer these questions in your blog post:

  1. What problems are you finding? – Nothing, the linked objects gave us all the necessary permissions to work on them.
  2. How do you overcome them? – By having the creator give the necessary permissions.
  3. What permissions do you need to use? – Copying and Modifing permissions
  4. Who owns the final object? – The first person
  5. Who shows as the creator of the final object? – The first person
  6. What permissions does the next owner of the object have? – Copying and Modifing permissions


Today we didn’t do a whole lot because Second Life wasn’t working for a bunch of people. On Wednesday, I’m sure our other teacher will teach us more about textures in an object.


After a 2 week break, we are back to our regular class routine. We had just finished our 2nd assignment and are moving on to our 3rd assignment where we need to fully experience Second Life. I’ve decided what I’m going to do for my assignment and will make another blog explaining the details.


Today we learned more about textures and how to add them in a lamp. Since our regular teacher wasn’t in today, our other teacher will give us feedback on what we are supposed to do for the 3rd assignment.


More texturing


Today we were working on our assignments that were outside of class because we’ve all started to work on our 3rd assignment. I thought our teacher would give feedback on how we decided to do on our 3rd assignment, but it turns out that’s only marked at the end of the assignment time. Once I have all the requirements to make the Machinima, I’ll get started on it right away.


Today we learned about putting sound effects in our objects. It doesn’t have anything to do with me since I’m doing a Machinima, but it was interesting to see the different ways to put in sound effects and use them in an environment that’s relevant to the sound effect.


No class today.


I decided to skip class today because I needed to focus on other assignments and need to start on the 3rd assignment for MUV.


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